Volunteering and the Law 

The legal aspects of working with volunteers is wide ranging and relatively complex.  A lack of relevant knowledge can lead to simple mistakes being made which could have significant consequences for your organisation.  This course will help you to review certain aspects of volunteering in order to reduce your potential risks. 

Course Aims

  • Determine the legal status of volunteers
  • Recognise ways to reduce associated risks and potential legal challenges
  • Develop good volunteering practice specific to your organisation

Course Objectives

  • Identify a definition of volunteering (Compact Code and Government wording)
  • Compare the status of volunteers to employment and identify the difference in 'rights'
  • Review various legal challenges (case studies) which have established the current status of a volunteer 
  • Establish common organisational safety and security requirements 

Course Programme

  • Volunteers and employment rights
           Definition of Volunteering
           Volunteer status (reducing risks)
           Contract / agreement
           Job description / role description
           Payments / perks / benefits
           Case Studies

  • Safety & Security
           Duty of Care
           Health & Safety
           Data Protection

Optional topics

          1.  Young Volunteers and Adults at Risk
          2.  Ex-offenders
          3.  Volunteer on State Benefits
          4.  Volunteers from Oversees
          5.  Volunteer Drivers


Information given throughout the course whether that be by conversation, discussion, materials or handouts is information in the public domain and does not constitute legal opinion.  

Any information is given as a general overview only.  If you have any specific legal issues that cannot be answered within the course, then you will need to seek legal advice from elsewhere.

Course Duration
Up to 6.25 hours (i.e. 10am to 4:15 pm)
Including breaks and 45 minutes for lunch

This course is suitable for

  • In-house 'face to face' training
  • Online training 'Live' (using Zoom)
  • Webinar sessions

Online training 'Live' (using Zoom)

Our Online training is adjusted to reflect distance working and includes an online etiquette to ensure a smoother learning experience for all participants.   Day courses can also be run as two half days if you prefer.  For details, see our Service Delivery page.   

Webinar (online seminar)*

Taking the main topics from our training day, allowing participants to focus on a specific area only.  Each session is delivered ‘live’ online using Zoom for approx 60 mins (plus Q&A).   For details, see our Service Delivery page.   

Webinar Topic

Legal status of volunteers

This Webinar identifies how volunteers fit into a charitable organisation from a legal perspective, what ‘Rights’ they have and how the Charity can reduce their potential risks of legal action by a volunteer.

Payments, perks & benefits

There is much confusion as to what is allowed to be given / paid / reimbursed to volunteers.  This session clarifies what is allowed from a legal point of view.  Participants are welcome to raise issues of their own to find a solution.

Contract / Agreement and legal challenges

This webinar will clarify the difference in 'rights' between employees, workers and volunteers.  Additionally, we will review various legal challenges (case law) which have shaped the current legal status of volunteers.

*Minimum number required for Webinar:   6 Participants
VOL 7a
Chq 2 (3)

Course Fees




Training costs include:  
Course delivery, training materials, handouts, evaluations and certificates up to 14 participants
Webinar costs include:  Attendance of the Webinar session only
Travel & Overnight costs
Travel costs may apply for any booking over 80 miles charged at 45p per mile or actual costs of alternative methods of travel.  Overnight costs are based on individual hotel bookings and reasonable subsistence costs dependent on location conditions, applicable at the time.
Your training programme has changed the way we work with volunteers throughout our organisation and it's really working for us 

 - Chief Executive (Hospice)

Interesting and valuable approach, great tone to ensure importance is received and understood with clear and concise language plus good energy

          - Area Manager

It makes such a difference being trained by someone who is knowledgeable, interesting and enthusiastic

- Volunteer Manager

I thought Matthew was a brilliant trainer with full and informative knowledge of the course he was teaching.  Fab day and I learnt a lot about myself 

            - Course Participant

Able to bring knowledge and experience to discussions encouraging group engagement.  Covered lots of content.
 - Volunteer Mananger
Found it very useful and thought provoking.  Good to consider a range of challenges and demands on volunteer managers across the sector.

           - Volunteer Manager

Our trainers come from a variety of backgrounds, therefore we can facilitate courses beyond our current prospectus.

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