Environmental Policy

We are environmentally conscious and try to act responsibly taking our impact on the environment seriously.  As such, we strive to ensure that all aspects of our business have the least harmful effect on the environment where possible by:

  • Travel  -  Using public transport where practical and on most journeys over 80 miles (reducing our carbon footprint)
  • Communication  -  realising significant environmental savings can be made by use of electronic communication.  However, we are not believers in the paperless office
  • Suppliers  -  Sourcing suppliers with credible environmental practices and policies [Our printers, Gowise Print of Norwich are 100% carbon neutral and use environmentally friendly/sustainable paper and vegetable-based inks etc]
  • Products  -  Using recyclable or environmentally friendly products [Our participant packs are made from recyclable polypropylene currently, however we are trying to source a credible alternative]  
  • Materials  -  Ordering various supplies in sufficient quantity to help reduce unnecessary deliveries and packaging.  Our printer cartridges are continually refilled, reducing unnecessary plastic waste [We use County Cartridges in Croydon]
  • Disposal  -  Disposing of our waste properly , recycling where possible or donating to a charity shop (as appropriate)
  • Waste  -  Minimizing waste where possible [We use the 'off cuts' from our printing for training aids] 
  • Conservation  -  Offsetting our carbon emissions by supporting various charities who protect and conserve our natural habitat or protect animals at risk (see below)

Actively Supporting Conservation

We have done this through:


  • Woodland Trust (UK)
  • Marlborough Downs Space for Nature Project
  • World Wildlife Fund (Tiger Protection Scheme)
  • Born Free Foundation - We have entered in to early stage discussion with Born Free regarding long-term involvement and support for:
    a. Animal Conservation
    b. Animal Rescue
    c. Animal Care & Rehabilitation
    d. Anti Wildlife Trade & Trafficking
    e. Education (re: Conservation)
  • WWF  Rainforest Rescue Scheme (Sponsoring acreages of the Brazilian Rain Forest)
  • Coco2 by Carbon Reg Limited  (www.coco2.org) - offsetting our carbon emissions  
Along with other factors like ethical business practice, professionalism, quality of service and materials etc, the environment will always be a factor in how we run our business. 

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