Retail Safeguarding

This one-day course aims to raise awareness of safeguarding issues in a retail environment, highlighting an organisation’s responsibilities and duty of care to staff, volunteers and public, plus possible responses to an incident.  It is designed for managers, deputy managers, lead volunteers or anyone with responsibility in or for a retail environment.

Course Aims

  • Gain a general overview of abuse and it negative effects on people
  • Identify your organisation's responsibilities relating to abuse
  • Know what to do if abuse is discovered / suspected in your organisation 

Course Objectives

  • Establish what safeguarding is and how it relates to you
  • Identify 6 types of abuse and what specific signs / symptoms to look for
  • Review a number of safeguarding scenarios
  • Consider what action is needed should you discover or suspect abuse 

Course Programme

  • Welcomes and housekeeping
  • What is safeguarding
             Who is vulnerable?
             Why are you doing this training?
  • Video - What did you see
  • The 6 main types of abuse
             How people can be abused
             Signs & symptoms
  • Abuse - by whom
  • Scenarios
  • Relevant facts and statistics
  • Why abuse might not be reported
  • What to do if you discover or suspect abuse 

Course Duration

Up to 6.25 hours (i.e. 10am to 4:15pm) 
Including breaks and 45 minutes for lunch

This course is suitable for

  • In-house 'face to face' training
  • Online training 'Live' (using Zoom)
  • Webinar sessions

Online training 'Live' (using Zoom)

Our Online training is adjusted to reflect distance working and includes an online etiquette to ensure a smoother learning experience for all participants.   Day courses can also be run as two half days if you prefer.  For details, see our Service Delivery page.   

Webinar (online seminar)*

Taking the main topics from our training day, allowing participants to focus on a specific area only.  Each session is delivered ‘live’ online using Zoom for approx 60 mins (plus Q&A).   For details, see our Service Delivery page.   

Webinar  Topic

What is Safeguarding

Participants will explore what is meant by Safeguarding and why it is part of the charity retail environment.  We will also review a Safeguarding Video to discover what they notice and whether they would act upon it.   

Types of Abuse (signs & symptoms) 

This webinar reviews the 6 main types of abuse helping you identify various signs and symptoms to look for within your organisation.  We will also discuss 9 other types of abuse for underpinning knowledge.  

Identifying a safeguarding incident

This webinar reviews a number of scenarios helping participants identify whether a possible incident could be considered a safeguarding issue.  Participants can also raise issues of their own to find a possible solution.

*Minimum number required for Webinar:   6 Participants
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Course Fees


half day
full day


Training costs include:  
Course delivery, training materials, handouts, evaluations and certificates up to 14 participants
Webinar costs include:  Attendance of the Webinar session only
Travel & Overnight costs
Travel costs may apply for any booking over 80 miles charged at 45p per mile or actual costs of alternative methods of travel.  Overnight costs are based on individual hotel bookings and reasonable subsistence costs dependent on location conditions, applicable at the time.
Good balance of trainer imparting knowledge and group discussion.  A lot of content covered in the time given

- Head of Retail

 Fantastic.  Really enjoyed the course and would like to work with you regarding our manager's training

- Head of Retail 

It was really refreshing to have a trainer that understands our business

- Area Manager

Thank you for giving me the confidence to now go and do my job

- Shop Manager

Thank you so much - the day just flew by.  Good pace and excellent use of humour 

- Shop Manager

The trainer was very engaging, good use of humour, a people person and loads of energy throughout the day

- Course participant

Our trainers come from a variety of backgrounds, therefore we can facilitate courses beyond our current prospectus.

For all enquiries, do please call us on:  01483 564099 or 07866 284781

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