Adults at Risk - Level 2

This half-day course aims to raise the awareness of abuse and its effects on adults at risk (safeguarding).  It is designed for those who need to have a greater understanding of this difficult subject and for staff / volunteers working in charitable organisations or a care environment.

Course Aims

  • Gain a general overview about abuse and its effects on adults at risk
  • Know what to do if abuse is discovered / suspected
  • Identify your organisation's responsibilities relating to abuse of adults at risk

Course Objectives

  • Establish what abuse is and the 6 different types, relating to adults
  • Identify how adults can be abused and what signs to look for
  • Consider what you should do if you discover or suspect abuse
  • Review ways to reduce potential risks

Course Programme

  • Introductions and housekeeping
  • What abuse is?
  • What did you see? (Video)
  • Three stages of life 
  • The 6 main types of abuse 
  • How people can be abused 
  • Who is vulnerable?
  • Can you keep a secret?
  • What to do if you discover or suspect abuse
  • How to reduce potential risks

Course Duration

Up to 3 hours (i.e. 10am to 1pm) 
Including a 15 minute break

This course is suitable for

  • In-house 'face to face' training
  • In-house online training ('Live' using Zoom)


VOL 8a
Safe 3b

Course Fees

TYPE OF delivery
per place 
face to face training

online training (live)

Training costs include:  
Course delivery, training materials, handouts, evaluations and certificates up to 14 participants
Travel & Overnight costs
Travel costs may apply for any booking over 80 miles charged at 45p per mile or actual costs of alternative methods of travel.  Overnight costs are based on individual hotel bookings and reasonable subsistence costs dependent on location conditions, applicable at the time.
Very clear and supportive in his delivery whilst giving lots of examples to participants to aid their learning

- Manager

Great Training.  Met all my expectations and much more

- Course participant

The trainer was very personable and thorough.  Open and willing to listen and answer any questions

- Course participant

Informative trainer with really good communication skills.  Made course fun.
- Course participant

Our trainers come from a variety of backgrounds, therefore we can facilitate courses beyond our current prospectus.

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