Conferences (Planning and delivery)

We have helped clients:
  • Plan the conference theme
  • Create conference content (workshops and group exercises)
  • Design conference delegate pack
  • Act as MC throughout the day
  • Provide conference evaluations
  • Produce summary of conference evaluations and learning
Example of our work:
We worked closely with a hospice to design a theme for a conference bringing different elements of the charity together (normally independent / disparate from each other) to improve internal communication, inter departmental co-operation, motivation and an overall feeling of being one organisation.  


Our Fees

Fees are calculated on a job by job basis depending on what is required along with location of work undertaken.

NB:  Additional travel costs may apply for any booking over 80 miles and may be invoiced separately, charged at 45p per mile for car use and / or actual costs of alternative methods of travel.  Accommodation costs will be based on individual hotel bookings and will include reasonable subsistence costs dependent on location conditions, applicable at the time.

Our trainers come from a variety of backgrounds, therefore we can facilitate courses beyond our current prospectus.

For all enquiries, do please call us on:  01483 564099 or 07866 284781

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