Leadership Skills

This two-day course explores the attributes, skills and abilities needed to be an effective team leader, who values staff and volunteers whilst maintaining organisational requirements and mission.  

Course Aims

  • Provide participants with a comprehensive overview
  • Establish key principles of working with others
  • Develop practical skills applicable to the workplace
  • Recognise the benefits of good leadership

Course Objectives

  • Define the attributes that make a good leader
  • Compare the difference in styles of leadership
  • Learn how a leader builds a shared sense of purpose with the team
  • Establish why delegation is so import  

Day 1 

Course Programme

  • Introductions and housekeeping
  • Leadership skills
  • Organisational requirements of a leader
           Cultures, values and ethics
           Levels of authority and responsibility
           What is a team
           Personal objectives and team achievement
  • Leadership styles
           Common vision and objectives
           Managing vs leading
           Leadership Styles
           Action centred leadership
           Adapting leadership styles
  • How a Leader builds a shared sense of purpose with a team
  • Decision making

Day 2 

Course Programme

  • Communication skills
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Delegation
           What is delegation
           The 'who' and 'how' of delegating
           Gofer and stewardship
           Self-assessment of delegation
  • Coaching
           What is coaching
           Golden rules of coaching
           Coaching individuals
           Coaching teams
           The 'GROW' model
  • Effective feedback
  • Summary, learning log and action planning

Course Duration

Up to 6.25 hours per day (i.e. 10am to 4:15 pm) including breaks and 45 minutes for lunch
Personal 10a
Personal 10b

Course Fees

Type of organisation
half day
full day
charitable/not for profit
other organisations
Cost includes:  
Course delivery, training materials, handouts, evaluations and certificates for up to 16 participants.  
NB:  Additional travel costs may apply for any booking over 80 miles and may be invoiced separately, charged at 45p per mile for car use and / or actual costs of alternative methods of travel.  Accommodation costs will be based on individual hotel bookings and will include reasonable subsistence costs dependent on location conditions, applicable at the time.
Very worthwhile and enriching course.  I'll definitely use the content to change certain elements of the way we work and to reinforce some of my future plans
            - Charity Manager
Came away from the training with such a positive experience.  I just hope I can implement what I have learnt into our organisation 
           - Charity Manager
 Fantastic.  Really enjoyed the course and would like to work with you regarding our manager's training

- Head of Retail 

Our trainers come from a variety of backgrounds, therefore we can facilitate courses beyond our current prospectus.

For all enquiries, do please call us on:  01483 564099 or 07866 284781

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